Welcome to Puerto Rico! The greatest kiteboarding destination in the Caribbean!

Kiteboarding PR offers lessons, gear sales, gear rentals, camps, tours and multiple custom adventures.

Kiteboarding PR  is the first kiteboarding school in Puerto Rico, established in 1998 and IKO certified, with over 4000 students worldwide and 100% safety record. 

From the first day KiteboardingPR  chose Ocean Park Beach as our main training area for its clean wind and wide sandy beach which are key factors for a safe training area. With over  11 years of coaching experience we have developed a custom training syllabus that allows our students to advance at a faster pace while maintaining a safe and fun learning environment.  Our successful training systems and experience is now being applied to other sports like surfing, paddle boarding, sailing and personal training.

Our instructors  are the most experienced local riders in Puerto Rico and have the knowledge of the best spots in the island, speak fluent English, Spanish and French, have completed the lifeguard/ CPR training  and you can be assured  complete safety at anytime and anywhere we take you ridding!

You will have a true local waterman at your service!!!

The Shop  is located at Punta las Marias, there you will find the latest Kiteboarding, Surfing and Paddle boarding gear on the island from F-ONE, Liquid Force and HobieCat; walking distance from there is our very own fitness training center where we train our pro riders and clients.

All of our lessons are private with your very own professional instructor and all

2010 gear from Liquid Force and F-One. Chase boat or Jetski available if required for the lessons or downwinders

The kite control lessons is the fundamental basis for kiteboarding, you will learn all the theory safety, kite control skills, power strokes, simulated water starts, flying techniques and beach etiquette. Learn More
In the Get wet class to will learn the inflatable kite rigging, landing and takeoff, water relaunching, self rescue techniques, body dragging, water starts and basic ridding. Learn More
In this class you will learn how to go faster, how to better your stance, carving turns, switching turns, toe side ridding, ridding over powered and upwind techniques. Learn More
The start Boosting class it just that!! Start doing your first jumps! You will learn the kite skill to perform the jump, board loading, board pop and transitions. Learn More
In the wave class you will learn all the basic ridding techniques for the waves, safety, rules, wave selection, wave entries and emergency exits, bottom turns, of the lips aerials, duck dives, emergency kite rescues and quick water relaunching techniques. Learn More
In the downwinder we will hit multiple kite spots, either on the north coast or the south coast, on waves or flat water, your choice! Learn More
The advanced Pro coaching will take you to the next level, with video footage analysis, personal physical training at our gym, advanced techniques, timing and specific trick training! Learn More
Camps! $750.00
The 3 day camps will take you from any level to as far as we can get with a morning session, lunch, session analysis , afternoon sessions then finish with the session analysis , video footage is also available. Learn More