Results-Heineken International Regatta Kiteboarding Challange 2010
March 25, 2010

The Heineken International Regatta Kiteboarding Challenge was a great success!!!

This is the first time that the Puerto Rico Sailing Federation an ISAF member adopts kiteboarding at one of their main events in Puerto Rico. The event was ran under the IKA rules and guidelines by the PRKA and it included Freestyle, Big Air and an exhibition run in front of the new Palmas Del Mar Yacht Club!!!

Thusday night was the registration and the first party of a great weekend!!

Friday morning the wind was moderate to light but all the riders rigged their big kites. After running multiple heats the wind died out and we left the semifinals and finals for the rest of the weekend,

Saturday the wind never picked up more that 8.5 knots!!! so it turned out to be a family day at the beautiful beach of Punta Candelero.

We decided that something had to be done, so we took an F-ONE Bandit 3 -15m with 39m of line and one of Ches 5'8" Custom Course racing boards for demos.

We all took rides on the only light wind rig we had and made it a super fun day passing all the sailboats, lasers and hobie cats like if they were standing still!!! Amazing what you can do in 8.5 kts with the right gear!!!

Sunday was the big day for the semifinals, finals and big air, everybody tried their best but were no match for the F-ONE team!

On the Finals were Paulo Dias, Freddy Zamora, Alex Soto and Robinson Hilario!

The kids went to battle on the final heat with their best double handle passes, kite loops and multiple combinations that only the best experienced kiteboarding eye can comprehend .

Everybody was pumped up and screaming at the competitors to do their best!

At the end Alex Soto from the DR and F-One/ took 1st place, Robinson Hilario from the DR and F-One/ took 2nd place, Freddy Zamora from PR and also from F-One/ took 3rd place and Paulo Diaz from PR took 4th place.

Then it was time for the big air heat, we sent all 35 competitors to go show their best big air jumps, And it was again Alex Soto with his F-One 13m to do the best highest jumps!

At the end of the day about 40 ridders went down in front of the Palmas del Mar Yacht Club to do the final kiteboarding exhibition showoff session!!

Congratulations to all the participants for a great turnout and an awesome atmosphere!!

CLICK HERE to check out all the PICTURES from the event.



Robinson Hilario from Cabarete, Dominican Republic 2nd place winner, F-ONE/ Team